SCA: one really cool tent

2023 06 28 10.13.28

[ A round marquee tent, taller and narrow than usual, and made from very pale green canvas instead of the standard white. It’s decorated with painted details along all the vertical seams. ]

Check it OUT. Every once in a while you see someone in the SCA who’s painted their tent, & even more rarely you see canvas that isn’t the standard white, but most SCA events are seas of white canvas dotted with bright modern dome tents.

I’d LOVE to see more of this.

2023-07-02 09.46.13

[ It’s a closer view of the same tent, from a slightly different angle that shows more of the painted canvas. A line of red, stylized stems runs up each seam; green leaves are stamped in threes at the end of each stem. In between, in the center of each length of canvas, is a vertical design in gold paint. Stylized trees rise from the bottom of the canvas, red trunks with green leaves. ]


I also wondered where it was from, because even when you do see painted tents in the SCA, they’re an entirely different style. Was it from another group like the SCA? A reenactor’s group? A really awesome LARP that I’d really like to start going to?

2023-07-02 09.45.58

[ Even closer, it’s visible that the design has seen some wear, but most of the painted details are still very clear. ]

Across the way was another tent, a standard SCA square marquee, with a guy sitting in a comfortable looking chair out front. He looked up from his book long enough for us to have a chat and for Loiosh to get a thorough petting, & he solved the mystery: this tent was one of a WHOLE LOT of tents made for the most recent movie version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Which explains the details, & also the height — something something camera something something, anyway.

2023-07-02 09.46.03

[ Even closer, focusing on the foliage up each seam. There’s red berries among the green leaves! ]

I wonder where the rest of the tents wound up, & how I can get hold of one of them …

Of course I went digging through stills from the movie to find it. & after very little searching, there it is!


[ A still from the movie. A broad dirt road crosses through the center, from upper left to lower right; beings of many species walk along it. The grass on either side of the path holds many tents, most round, many of them red, all of them decorated. One tent, towards the front, is circled in red. ]

… I think I’d want one of the red ones. Which one do you want?

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