cats: happiest boy

2023 06 27 13.00.34

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness with a blue bow tie, is flopped on the van’s front passenger seat. He’s staring straight at the camera, whiskers perked forward, one ear slightly off to the side. ]

So. Happy. To be going to war again. Just the happiest boy.

2023-06-27 13.00.30

[ Nearly the same picture, except this time he’s making blinky eyes at the camera. ]

He spent more time in the tent than I’m used to, but, well, he’s fifteen. He sleeps more than he used to. It’ll happen. He was still happy to be able to sleep IN A TENT. AT WAR.

He was also horrible & knocked shit over while he was in there, which was pretty reassuring, tbh.

2023-06-27 19.22.38

[ Loiosh stands on a low wood table sitting inside a canvas tent. He’s looking pointedly at the camera, probably because right next to him is a basket with cans of gooshyfood. ]

We wandered site, we took classes (he was VERY patient, by which I mean he slept through them all), we caught part of court (he hung out with someone else’s kid), we spent time with his people.

2023-06-30 14.03.15

[ He’s standing in low grass inside what’s obviously a big common pavilion. There’s a couple chairs lined up against the wall, one right next to his stroller, but the only human in the picture is outside, only visible through the opening in the tent wall. He still looks pretty happy. ]

We even got stolen away & marched with the Faery Rade, but I didn’t get any pictures of that. Apparently cameras don’t work well with the fae. It was fun, though, been a while since we got to do that.

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