cats: this is definitely not the last time I do this

2023 05 26 10.39.50

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is standing in front of the massive trunk of an old cottonwood tree. He’s sniffing at a blade of grass, his nose touching it. ]

I just. I wasn’t even gonna. There’s been enough. But COME ON.

… you’ll see.

2023-05-26 10.39.51

[ Loiosh’s head is tilted, his mouth open wide; there’s a blade of grass in his mouth, its end sticking out the other side and almost pointing at the camera. ]

Wait for it …

2023-05-26 10.39.52

[ Cronch! He’s bitten down on the grass, muzle wrinkled up as if he’s chomping into a buffalo. ]

Waaaaaaait for it …

2023-05-26 10.39.53

[ He’s gnawing on the blade of grass, his tongue stuck out a good ways, muzzle still a little wrinkled, ears stuck just a bit out to the side. ]

Pookas & pixies, gentlefae all, I present to you the best picture I have ever taken of a cat in my entire life:

2023-05-26 10.39.54

[ Loiosh’s head is turned towards the camera, but his face is tilted downwards. This means that his tongue, which is stuck out to its fullest extent, probably a good centimeter and a half, is extremely visible. He looks like a human child about to go THPPPPT. ]

… I don’t think I can top this one.

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