cats: a Dramatical Posing attempt

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness and a blue bowtie, is standing in between several trunks of a massive cottonwood tree. He’s looking up at a cut-short trunk, one paw raised as if he’s considering a jump. ]

It was really a perfect opportunity for a Dramatical Pose. It WAS. It should have WORKED.

2023-05-26 10.39.08

[ He’s standing in the fork between two trunks, paws firmly braced, looking down. His ears and whiskers are perked forward, intent. ]

There was plenty of tree to climb around on. There was blue sky in the background. & he was in a good mood, having the energy to not only climb around a bunch, but also to do the ‘run up to a tree & then climb four whole feet up’ thing, which is ALWAYS HILARIOUS.

2023-05-26 10.39.12

[ Loiosh has taken a step forward; both forepaws are securely placed where the trunk starts to curve downward, He’s leaning forward just a bit, too, and looking at something off to the left. ]

Photogenic? Sure! Dynamic? Hell yeah! Amusing? Intermittently! Dramatical? NOPE

2023-05-26 10.39.14

[ Standing in the same spot. Paws in the same place. But now he’s looking downward just a bit, thoughtful, tongue stuck out & curled around to display its entire bottom. ]


2023-05-26 11.58.50

[ Complete scene change: Loiosh is now flopped on the carpet in the back of the van, paws stretched out in front of him, tail curled around in line with his hindfeet. He is totally, entirely, completely asleep. ]

… & likewise all round, i GUESS

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