cats: the MOST pitifullest

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a very dapper blue bow tie, is sitting on a concrete floor, looking to the left of the camera. A green leash trails off to the right, behind a barely-visible pillar. ]

I didn’t catch the pitiful mew. I tried, a BUNCH, but I didn’t catch it. He was just too impatient.

2023-04-12 14.52.59

[ He’s turned his head further to the left, and is looking up, as if to ask all the heavens for patience. ]

But why, you ask, WHY is he the Moste Pitifullest? Why is he so IMPATIENT?

Why, only this.

2023-04-12 14.53.31

[ A wider view. Loiosh is glaring at the camera (probably I was laughing). The leash, seen from this distance, trails around behind the pillar, then curves back to the picnic table. He’s pretty sure there is NOTHING he can do about this. ]

I did get up & lead him back out of this Extremely Complex maze. But first, I laughed at him a WHOLE LOT.

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