cats: in which a boy is glad to be Out of the House

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a blue bow tie, sits on a picnic bench under a big metal pavilion roof. He’s facing off to the left, looking pensive. ]

It’s been a long winter, & we’re living in a really small space. Cabin fever is a fact of life. It does help that we let three of four cats outside (catio SOON i HOPE) but still, there’s a whole lot of not enough space here.

& of course it’s hard to get anyone anywhere in the middle of winter. Loiosh is perfectly happy to flop on a strawbale in the sun even when it’s so cold my cold is cold, but I’d really rather he found a place INSIDE in the sun (I’m working on building that, or will be, at least).

There’ve been trips to Salida, & trips to various hardware stores, & trips to wander up & down the sidewalk on Main Street for four minutes until it’s too cold & we all get back in the van, but it’s been too cold to just, you know, Go To The Park.

Until last week, anyways.

2023-04-12 14.38.14

[ Loiosh is nomming his way through a shallow metal tin full of kibble. ]

I actually remembered to put some kibble in the van this time, which is nice, usually he’s trying to steal my chicken fingers or whatever (yes, he totally gets chicken fingers, I just tear off the coating first). He was pretty happy with that, & I can usually get him to come back when he’s wandered off just by shaking the kibble container.

But what was his back half doing while his front half was eating kibble?

2023-04-12 14.38.09

[ Loiosh’s hinder parts are standing just next to my jewelry-making setup. There’s a copper spiral on the anvil, already hammered flat, and my jewelry hammer is sitting with the head on the anvil too. ]

… at least he wasn’t standing ON it.

This time.

2023-04-12 14.03.04

[ Loiosh is still standing near what I was TRYING to work on, but he’s turned around, at least, and his tongue is out. Probably he’s licking his chops but the tip of his tongue is just barely touching his nose, his eyes are slightly crossed, his ears are sticking out at a variety of angles, and basically he looks like a dork. ]

I love my boy. He’s SO photogenic. Sometimes, he even manages a Dramatical Pose.

2023-04-12 14.03.02

[ Loiosh has turned to look back over his shoulder, to the right, ears and whiskers forward, but his head is lowered and he looks a touch anxious. ]

That’s … not a dramatical pose. But at least he doesn’t look like a dork. This time.

Annnnd … he’s done.

2023-04-12 14.05.07

[ The only part of Loiosh that’s in this picture is his tail. He’s buggered off to the left, leaving about three inches of blurry tail behind in the photo. ]

At which point Jasper & Remy showed back up, so good timing on Loiosh’s part, at least, he’s gotta be good at SOMETHING I guess.

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