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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is meatloafed up, looking straight towards the camera, face framed between two vertical two by fours. A pair of fingers obscure the shot to the top left and to the right. ]

I was doing so well with blogging! & then we got enough money to buy the last of what I needed to finish up building, & then it started getting cold, & then it was REALLY cold, & for a couple weeks I was either frantically building or in bed … because it was too cold to be anywhere else. I don’t think it got above freezing in Tyrava for those couple weeks, even when it was a bit warmer outsite. Thank the GODS for that bright Colorado sun, because it woulda been too cold to build at all otherwise.

But it was warm enough, if barely; & the cold was STRONG motivation to keep going; & just before we were all about to give up & … I don’t know, it’s not like any of us really have other options anyway, but, well. Just then, I got the roof sufficiently finished up, & got the wood stove installed, & Morgyn started the fire, & then we spent the next hour frantically hauling just enough stuff in to survive the night & went to bed.

& we’re all still living in here now, because there’s no WAY, even with the other wood stove installed, that Borgia can be kept warm enough to live in.

Gonna be a long winter.

But in the meantime? Cat pictures.

Loiosh really enjoyed the sunny spots inside the house, especially once he realized that this was gonna be OUR house that was OURS. (He’s still happy with all of us living in here, he’s always liked having a lot of people around.) He spent a lot of time napping on stacks of insulation.

I don’t know wht he had his face shoved into the wall like that, but, well, cats.


[ Loiosh is meatloafed on a bundle of insulation on a white plastic bag, facing the wall. His tail is tucked up next to him, running the length of his body. ]

I asked him about it, but he had no comment.


[ A closer view of Loiosh’s face, from the side. His nose is maybe an inch from a two by four. His eyes are closed, but one ear is cocked towards the camera. ]

I guess I woke him up, though.


[ He’s sitting on the bale of insulation, facing away from the wall now. He’s striped in dark and light bands of sun and shadow. His eyes are still squinted mostly shut. ]

… what?


[ He’s turned to face the camera. Both eyes are still mostly closed, but now he just looks annoyed. ]

I should actually be able to keep blogging this time. I hope! I’ve missed it!

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