cats: Sigdis & the kneeling pad

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[ Sigdis, a black cat wearing a signal-flare orange harness, is half-hunkered on a black foam pad. The hand of a white person appears in the right side of the photo, forefinger extended towards Sigdis, who’s glaring at it. ]

Jasper picked up this kneeling pad thing a while back, on the theory that it might be useful, & holy CATS has it been useful here, where kneeling on the ground, even if it looks clear, can result in a kneeful of tumbleweed thorns.

(Didn’t know tumbleweeds have thorns? Be glad you’re not finding out the hard way like we did. They’re tiny & sting like hell.)

Anyway Sigdis loves the thing. (At least she’s stopped sharpening her claws on it.)

I’d been hoping to get some pictures of her on it, but she was … uncooperative. Probably gonna ask the boys to give her lessons in posing, but in the meantime, I’ll just skip through all the outtakes & give y’all the good ones.


[Sigdis has settled a bit further down onto the pad, but her front half is still halfway sitting and a whole bunch of her butt fur is sticking straight up. ]

… well, inasmuch as there’s good ones.


[ Sigdis is now in a full hunker, looking off to the right with yellow eyes, both extremely dusty forepaws extended before her. She looks almost comfortable. ]

Well, that’s not so bad.


[ Sigdis has sat up, forepaws still very dusty, ears stuck out to the sides. There are tiny dusty pawprints on the pad under her. She looks supremely cranky. ]

Okay that’s … that’s about the best we’re gonna get, I guess.


[ Sigdis is seen in Extreme Close Up, having walked right off the kneeling pad & towards the camera. Her face is blurry. Nothing in this entire photo is in focus. ]

Annnnd that’s it.

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