cats: even more napping edition

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[Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness with a blue bow tie, is asleep on a crocheted blanket, tucked in close next to a white laundry basket.]

This was on the way home from some trip or another; maybe the day we went out to the park? I promise Loiosh has been doing things other than sleep. At least intermittently.


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is flopped in a pile of blankets. His head is pillowed on my leg, and he’s got one forepaw draped over it.]

It was COLD at night for the first couple weeks, & the cats slept on us, next to us, between us, under the blankets. up our noses … it was a LOT. But it was warmer that way.


[Loiosh is laying on his side, one forepaw extended; in front of him, Sigdis, a black cat wearing a bulky pink harness, is laying in nearly the same position. One of Loiosh’s hindlegs is tucked up along Sigdis’s spine.]

They’ve all been getting more comfortable with each other, but Loiosh & Sigdis just want to remind you that they’re NOT snuggling.


[Loiosh is flopped in the child seat of a standard shopping cart. The entire child seat is filled with a nice thick sheepskin; Loiosh looks extremely comfortable and mostly asleep.]

Since we couldn’t take Loiosh to fighter practice for his birthday, we took him to Big R instead. He was … not very impressed. But he still had a pretty good time.

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