cats: exciting new home edition

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[Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, sits in Tyrava’s doorway, looking outwards.]

For most folks, one of the biggest problems they’d have dealing with a move like this would be their cats. How do you keep four cats, used to the run of an entire house, entertained when there’s no house?

It’s SUCH a good thing both boys are leashtrained & Sigdis is getting there.

It’s also a good thing, though, that cats SLEEP so much.

We’ve taken Loiosh on a few travels, at least, most recently to Salida, where we wandered the Riverwalk & had a picnic. Not that I remembered to take pics til the way home, but if I was only gonna get one, this one is totally worth it.


[Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is flopped out on his side in a big pile of blankets and other detritus. His forepaws are stretched out in front of him and he is comprehensively asleep. His head is neatly pillowed on a white bag with the word ‘equate’ printed on it.]

He slept the entire way home, most of the time using the bag of wipes as a pillow.

Sigdis has come along nicely as a leashcat, especially since she discovered that there are stink bugs living on the land. She made friends with one one day, & every day since then, goes back to the same spot in hopes of finding her friend again.

In the meantime, of course, there’s napping.


[Sigdis, a shorthaired black cat with plushy fur and yellow eyes, is flopped comfortably on the drivers’ seat of the van. She’s wearing a bulky pink harness. One forelaw is draped over the edge of the seat.]

Even Tom has spent a fair amount of time asleep, instead of exploring.


[Major Tom, now naked of his harness, is curled up asleep on the same seat Sigdis occupied in the last photo. Three of his four paws are in a pile in front of his belly, which is a pale tan.]

I wish I could get as much sleep as the lot of them do, but someone’s got to do the work around here, I guess.

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