cats: no chimkin edition

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[Loiosh looks directly at the camera with wide, pleading eyes. He’s sitting on a tile floor, and apparently wearing a white sweater of some sort.]

I don’t mean he didn’t get any chimkin out of me. I mean that there was no chimkin involved whatsoever, & I have NO idea what it was he needed to make big eyes & pleading paws about, but he DESPERATELY needed … a thing.


[Seen from the side, now, Loiosh is wearing his white-with-rainbow Pride sweater. He’s reared up on his hindpaws, one forepaw resting on my belly, the other blurred as he pats at my chest.]

Possibly he wanted the sweater off. But he’s usually pretty patient about the thing. Who knows what it is that a cat wants, from one moment to the next?


[Seen from the front, again, Loiosh has one forepaw on my leg; the other is cradled gently in my hand. He’s looking at my hand, expression contemplative.]

It’s pretty possible he wanted me to pick him up. Not that he’s not perfectly capable of hopping up onto my lap, or straight onto the desk, but he’s a cat, talking someone else into doing the work is a popular technique.


[Loiosh is looking up at me with wide, pleading eyes; one forepaw is still cradled in my hand, the other is gently patting my thumb.]

Turns out what he wanted so desperately was love, & a cuddle.


[Both of Loiosh’s forepaws are resting in my hand, now, and his eyes are pleased.]

We all need a love & a cuddle from time to time.

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