cats: waiting in the car edition

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[Major Tom is sitting in the front passenger seat of the car, all four legs stuck out in front of him. He’s looking off to the left, gaze soft, ears and whiskers relaxed.]

Jasper was out getting coffee & hot chocolate for the ride. I was talking to my mom on the phone. The boys were bored. I caught Tom sitting on his butt & hadda send my mom a picture, & once I got the phone out, I figured I might as well keep going.

Rest assured that Loiosh is NOT giving Tom headkisses here. Just after the picture was taken there was An Excitement.


[Tom’s got his head tucked down, just a bit. Loiosh is sniffing his ear, and it really does look like headkisses might have been happening.]

Loiosh is good at the Pointed Looks.


[Loiosh is staring straight at the camera, ears just slightly laid back. He’s wearing his blue bow tie and he looks extremely judgmental.]

But soon he got too bored to mug for the camera.


[Loiosh is looking off to the left, now, eyes squinted partway shut.]

Tom, on the other hand, went with the What face after a while.


[Tom’s turn to stare at the camera. His eyes are a lovely gold. His expression is eloquent of boredom.]

… what?

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