cats: breakfast edition

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[Loiosh is standing rather precariously with his hindpaws on my desk, his forepaws firmly planted in the cat bed about eight inches above the desk, and his head in the cat bed itself.]

Loiosh keeps hovering at a weight lower than I’m really thrilled with; going to fighter practice regularly is helping, but not as much as I’d like. But! Last week on the way to practice, Jasper bought sushi & I bought a ham sandwich, & we both wound up with a bit more than we’d planned on.

Loiosh was EXTREMELY willing to help us solve this problem. Which is how he wound up eating five piece of tuna & salmon sashimi & also a couple slices of ham that evening.

Never let it be said that we can’t learn from a good example. Loiosh has been getting human-grade fish, ham, scrambled egg, & baby food for breakfast every morning since then, & he is VERY happy about it.

As witness:


[The view down into the cat bed. A round metal cat bowl with a scattering of food bits sits in the bed, and Loiosh’s head hovers slightly above. He’s facing away, but it’s obvious his mouth is open.]



[The cat bed, bowl still visible inside it, is in the background; the foreground is taken up with Loiosh’ face. His mouth is open and he’s licking his chops.]

He’s got more energy, & while we haven’t had a chance to weight him, he sure feels heavier.

Also, toes.


[One of Loiosh’s hindpaws, planted firmly on my desk. The sun shines brightly through the orange fur on his leg.]

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