cats: no walking, only carry edition

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[Loiosh is draped over Jasper’s shoulder. He’s still wearing his rainbow sweater. The ground is covered in snow, and so is the van, which is in the background.]

Eventually we pried Loiosh away from the grass, although I literally had to haul his butt away. Then he didn’t really want to walk, so me & Jasper took turns carrying him. To be fair, it was snowing lightly, in addition to what was already on the ground.


[A shot through the trees, tall ponderosas rising from lightly snow-covered ground. The sky is mostly grey, but the sun is barely visible peeking over Tyrava’s roof. The tinker’s wagon occupies the right side of the photo.]

You can’t really see the snowflakes, alas.

My turn carrying the boy! Who needed to be on both of us for a while, which made walking kind of tricky!


Loiosh is draped over my shoulder, though his forepaws are braced on Jasper’s hand, which is almost but not quite touching my back. Loiosh is looking over his shoulder to look ahead. It’s all very awkward.]

Handing him over to Jasper made things a LOT easier.


[Jasper’s walking away from the camera, down the snow-covered road, with Loiosh draped over both shoulders. One hand is raised, holding the boy in place.]

I love this picture. Pure luck.


[It’s almost the same as the first picture, Loiosh on Jasper’s shoulder, seen from the side, but Loiosh has been caught mid-flap and he looks like an ENTIRE dork, ears and whiskers everywhere.]

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