cats: grass mlem edition

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[Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a white sweater with a rainbow across the shoulders, is standing just next to the wall of a house, chewing on dry grass. His tongue is sticking out a bit, his ears are sticking out at a variety of angles, and he looks very intent.]

Tried to take Loiosh for a walk. The boy was resistant. Because there was grass.

Not even good, juicy grass. Might not even have been grass. Might’ve been some other grass-shaped plant material.

But he was REALLY into it.


[His ears are flat back, now, there’s grass in his mouth, and he’s grimacing.]

Very intent. Such grass. Wow.

Also that sweater SO needs to be longer, his poor chilly butt.

Not that he cared. GRASS. Probably. Maybe.

Look, I caught him chewing on a yucca once. Because it was grass-shaped.


[His mouth is closed, and he’s turned his head to the side. There’s still grass in his mouth. He’s also wearing a blue bow tie.]



[He’s bent his head down to the grass again. Most of his tongue is sticking out. He looks like an entire dork.]

Nomf MLEM.

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