cats: scritches edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, stands atop a tall rock, looking over the woods below him. His tail is caught mid-lash. ]

The boys really enjoyed being able to get out into the woods again, climbing on rocks, digging in the dirt, chasing bugs.

They’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of Dramatical Posing, though, alas; I had to work to get good pics.

I do like this one, though.


[ Tom’s caught in the middle of turning around, one forepaw up in the air, head held high; the sun lights his fur. ]

But then all he wanted was loves.


[ Tom’s walking back towards the camera now, the sun limning his shadow on the rock. ]

Loiosh was much more straightforward about it all.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, seen in closeup; his fur is lit bright by the sun, and he’s staring beseechingly at the camera. Behind him is my portable worktable, covered in jewelry making tools. ]

What’s he looking at here?

[ He’s sitting on my worktable now, looking up, body stretched upwards. ]

… ahh, that’d be why.


[ His head’s ducked down, now, because I’m scritching his ear. ]

All either of them wanted was a wander, & then some scritches.

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