cats: extreme patience edition, part XVIII

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Major Tom is just. SO PATIENT.

What have I done to him this time?

Wasn’t me, actually, but he puts up with NEARLY as much from his Unca Jasper as he does from me. As witness:


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is laying in someone’s lap in the passenger seat of the van. He’s facing the camera, his eyes are squinched shut, and there’s a green carabiner draped over his right ear. ]

… look, sometimes we get bored, is all.

& when we get bored, we get up to stuff.

Like putting Things on the cats.


[ Tom’s facing away from the camera in this photo. The carabiner’s still over his right ear. Both ears are stuck out at annoyed angles. ]

You’d think he’d flick his ear & fling the thing off, but he wore it for a good five minutes. I’m pretty sure he thinks humans are bizarre, but overall generally harmless, & that he’s best off humouring our excesses.


[ Seen from behind again: the ear with the carabiner over it is still drooping, but Tom’s left ear has perked up; I suspect he heard something interesting. ]

I’m just glad he thinks we humans are worth the effort.

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