cats: fighter practice edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is meatloafed up on a green picnic table. His ears are stuck out at a variety of angles and he’s giving the camera some pretty epic side-eye. ]

After FAR too long, Loiosh got to go to fighter practice again! & this is how he felt about it.

… okay, look, no, he WAS really happy to be seeing people again, I just maybe didn’t get the best pics of the process.

He got lots of petting & love from his people, & eventually he just kinda passed out right there.

Slowly, though.


[ He’s in the same position, but gazing off to the left, eyes just starting to droop closed. ]

But it was good, restful sleep. He’s mostly been hunkering up to sleep for the past year & some, but since that first fighter practice a month and a half ago, he’s been flopping again, passing out properly.

Turns out the boy’s been DESPERATELY lonely.


[ His eyes are just a bit more closed now. ]

Over the last year and a half — the length of the pandemic so far — he’s lost just over a pound. I wasn’t too worried; he’s thirteen years old now (I KNOW, WHAT IS TIME), it’s not uncommon for cats to start losing some weight around then.

… except that since that first fighter practice in Aarquelle, & the one at Dragonsspine later that day, & Caerthe Invesiture a week or two after that …

… he’s put all the weight back on, & more.


[ His eyes are almost entirely squinched closed now. ]

Y’all, he’s been DEPRESSED.

Not sleeping? Check. Not wanting to eat? Check. Generally lethargic? Check.

He ain’t old. He’s just missed y’all.

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