cats: what IS he doing edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is flopped on his side, head turned so his chin is resting on his shoulder, one forepaw propped up on the tip of his tail, which is propped up on one of his hindpaws. ]

Look I don’t know, but he was obviously comfortable.

They’re all made of rubber, is what.

He wasn’t inclined to move, even when I laid down to get more pictures, so I took a bunch of closeups. Toes!


[ A closer view of the forepaw-tail-hindpaw situation. Half of one pink toe bean is visible on his hindpaw, peeking out from the fur of his tail. ]

Deeply resigned, but patient.


[ A close view of Loiosh’s head, turned to the left so it’s resting on his shoulder. One green eye is visible, along with his nose. ]

He has such pretty eyes.


[ One of Loiosh’s eyes takes up most of the shot. It’s a pale yellowy-green. There are a few black freckles on the edges of his eyelids. ]

Also, a nose. Amusingly, he’s got a cat hair in his nose.


[ His lil pink nose has one big black freckle and several smaller ones, plus a scattering of brown ones barely darker than the pink. There’s a single pale cat hair stuck in his left nostril. ]

Epic side-eye. I deserved it.


[ Indeed, epic side-eye. ]

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