cats: back home edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up on his side on a purple sheet, forepaws tucked up in front of himself.  The view is from the front, with the paws dominating the image. ]

The boys really enjoyed the trip, but they’re glad to be home. (To be fair, so am I. Remember what I said about potties? It’s nice when there’s one within easy walking distance; when you don’t have to go outside to get to it, that’s EVEN BETTER.)

There’s been a lot of napping. A LOT.

(They’re not the only ones who’ve been napping.)


[ He’s curled up on the bed again, but seen from above this time, on a rainbow blanket. ]

They just need you all to know that they were NOT SNUGGLING.


[ Loiosh and Major Tom are both on the bed, both partly curled up, back to back. There’s definitely contact. They are, in fact, snuggling. ]

Even after I woke Loiosh up trying to get a good picture, he just settled back down in more-or-less the same spot.


[ Tom’s in the same spot, and Loiosh hasn’t moved much, but he’s meatloafed up now, instead of flopped. They’re still touching. ]

I’m SO glad they’re getting more comfortable with each other, but they’re totally not gonna admit it.

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