land trip: unloadifying

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[ A corner of a storage unit. Two sets of shelves have been placed along the back wall, and each holds a couple boxes. ]

Part of the purpose of this trip north was to haul a bunch of my stuff up, so there’d be less to move later & possibly under a tight time limit. So Tyrava was pretty loaded, & I needed a storage unit.

After a bunch of calling around (I hate using the phone, but sometimes you’re stuck with it) I found a place that wasn’t TOO expensive, & repaired there forthwith with both the boys & a bunch of Stuff.

Some stuff:

Loiosh helped!


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands with his hindpaws on a suitcase and his forepaws up on a shelf. He is stretched out VERY tall and looks like he’s thinking about trying an Unfortunate Jump. ]

It was REALLY windy, so the boys wandered around for a bit but then decided to occupy Tyrava for shelter purposes.


[ A bunch of boxes and lumber in the back of Tyrava. Loiosh is laying at his ease on a stack of flat cardboard boxes. Major Tom’s ears are just visible above a box to the right. ]

I’d been taking regular breaks ANYWAY, I had all afternoon to unpack, but I had to take a good long one at one point because I couldn’t move anything else without disturbing the boys.

Eventually I had it all in, if not neatly.


[ An 8×10 storage unit. It’s probably about half full, and also fairly untidy. There’s lots more room in there. ]

It’s all gonna need to get rearranged, but I’m waiting until there’s help.

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