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[ A piece of white seaglass, shaped like the point of a spear & wrapped in thick copper wire, dangles from the center of a shallow arc of more wire; on either side of it are dangles with silvery-grey beads, with cowrie shells hanging from the bottoms. ]

Not really a process post, cos I didn’t take the pics until after I was done, but close enough.

This is another custom faery home decor piece, made for a Patreon patron; the prompt was ‘ocean’.

I had something else in my head for this, but decided it wasn’t quite the right place for it; I’ll save it for another time, & instead dug out the cowrie shells & silvery-grey beads. The grey wire — I think it’s florist’s wire? — was an easy choice, & finding the already-wrapped seaglass in the bottom of my work bag was PERFECT.

Also perfect was the other half of the piece the seaglass originally came from; I needed something to hang the obligatory spiral from, & that lil piece of driftwood was JUST the right size.


[ A small piece of flattish driftwood, perhaps an inch long, hangs from another arc of flattened copper wire; below it is a hammered copper spiral. ]

Et voila, the whole piece!


[ A slightly-curved driftwood stick, perhaps ten inches long, forms the center of this piece. Above and below are curved lengths of hammered copper wire, from which hang an assortment of objects: a hammered copper spiral, a piece of white seaglass wrapped in yet more copper wire, silvery-grey beads, and cowrie shells. ]

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