small beauties: everything but the tree edition

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[ A tiny green plant, maybe an inch across, made up of several stems covered with weensy ferny leaves. ]

It is spring! There is greenery!

Also, a good rock. On another good rock. With good lichen on it.


[ A pinkish-tan quartz pebble sits on a larger granite rock; both are partly covered with grey-green, leafy lichens. ]

More green! I love moss. I love moss SO MUCH.


[ A tiny patch of bright green moss, perhaps half an inch across, is tucked under a worn and partly burnt branch. ]

There is still a TINY bit of snow! I took this picture for Danabren.


[ A close view of a small patch of snow, most of which has melted and refrozen into ice, but some of the spiky structure left by the snowflakes is still visible. ]

Holly! Very wee holly!


[ A small holly plant, which so far possesses all of eleven leaves. Most of them are still a dark reddish hue, but a couple of them are starting to show a bit of green. ]

A good rock STUCK INTO another good rock!


[ Another quartz pebble, this one mostly white with just a bit of tan, sticks out of a larger rock that’s probably granite but definitely something that’s not quartz. ]

Mullein! It’s kinda green!


[ A young mullein plant, made up of a rosette of fuzzy, pale green leaves radiating from the center. ]

A good BIG rock!


[ This piece of quartz can realistically be called a boulder, if a small one; it’s perhaps two feet long and a foot high, mostly white, but with pale pinky-tan inclusions. ]

& lastly, a flower!


[ A bright yellow flower sits tucked within a plant that’s made up of what look like blades of grass, but each stalk ends in a rosette of several of them. There’s another yellow flower in the background. ]

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