cats, TREATS edition

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[ Two tall Ponderosa trees rise near a stone fire circle. Behind the fire circle is my van. Loiosh, an orange tabby, sniffs at the ground beneath the trees. ]

It’s always good to get out into the woods. Loiosh found a good spot to sniff, & stayed there for a WHILE.

Eventually, though, he realized I’d brought the treats container. Hey mom! Are these treats?


[ Loiosh is standing on the little wooden shelves I use for a table when it’s Woods Day, next to a plastic container of treats. He’s looking down at them, and has one paw raised, ready to poke at them. Of course he’s also standing on everything I was working on. ]

Hey MOM. Gimme some TREATS.


[ His forepaw is resting on the lid of the treats container, and he’s staring at it, very pointedly. ]

Alas, that I shall never get treats!


[ His paw’s in the same place, but now he’s gazing off into the distance, very dramatically. ]

Woe, woe is me.


[ He’s sitting several feet away, ears stuck out to the side, staring pointedly off into the woods. ]

It was a long day, & by the end of it we were all pretty tired.


[ Both Loiosh and Major Tom, a big grey tabby, are curled up on my bed, gazing off into the distance with their eyes mostly shut. ]

Same, boys. Same.

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