cats: tiny Loiosh edition

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[ Loiosh, a small orange tabby kitten wearing a sea blue harness, is sitting on a big tree branch. His ears are perked forward. ]

Didn’t manage Woods Day last week — the weather just did NOT allow — so I dug up some pictures of Loiosh’s first time in a tree.

He was SO WEE. I  think he was somewhere between two & three months here. But so confident & curious! Being up high was a little scary but mostly FUN.

It took him a minute or two before he felt okay standing up BUT THEN he was EVEN HIGHER & he could see MORE.


[ He’s in the same spot, but standing up, ears and whiskers alert, tail caught mid-lash. He’s also blurry — digital cameras have come a LONG way. ]

He wandered around on the branch a little bit, just exploring.


[ He’s sitting back down on the branch again, but he’s facing the other way. ]

Didn’t take long, though, til he was done. Mom? Momma? Mom? Halp?


[ He’s precariously perched on the branch, facing the camera, mouth open in a mew. The sun shines through his ears. He looks EXTREMELY pitiful. ]

THAT time he hadn’t gone higher than I could reach, so rescue came quickly & did not require any fencers at all.

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