process: Determination

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[ A three inch wide, six inch long flat golden-copper ring in an almost rectangular shape reminiscent of a teddy bear, with small specks and eight holes equally spaced around the edge. It hangs suspended from two copper wire hooks through holes on the short ends. Hanging below it from some of the other holes are multiple chains of reddish-brown and amber beads. Some of these chains wrap around a small clear glass jar, the appropriate size to hold a tealight. Viewed here from above. ]

Okay, not a process post as such, because I took all the pictures afterwards, but I DO wanna show off because I am EXTREMELY proud of this piece.

Two of the tiers on my Patreon will get you a piece of faery home decor every three months; all I ask is a single word that I can use as an inspiration for that month’s piece. This month, one of my patrons chose ‘determination’.


[ A single large orange bead — it’s oval, more than an inch tall — is threaded onto copper wire, along with a couple MUCH smaller amber glass beads. ]

… I freely admit I stared at the word for a while & went ‘bwuh’, but usually if I go sit at the workbench SOMETHING happens, & this time it worked. I watched my hands reach out & grab a pile of stuff, including the metal frame-thing & an empty baby food jar. Sometimes I’m really just along for the ride.


[ An empty glass baby food jar hangs cradled in gold-coloured chain. A couple deep orange glass beads dangle from the chain as well. ]

… course once I had a pile of beads & such I had to actually DO something with them. Fortunately I’ve done variations on this piece before! Less fortunately, they didn’t quite work the same way, so I still hadda make up a bunch of stuff. Fortunately I made up a bunch of GOOD stuff, & this piece is the first time this particular kind of candle lantern really worked the way I wanted it to.


[ The same piece, viewed from the side. The big bead dangles from the bottom. ]

It was a lot easier to wrap for shipping than I was worried it was gonna be (some days you get lucky!) & the recipient LOVES it. Sign up for my Patreon & you can get one too!

[ Many thanks to Jasper for writing the top image description; I looked at the photo & despaired. ]

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