small beauties, big rocks edition

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[ An oblong boot print in otherwise-untouched snow. The design isn’t very clear but there’s a tipi in there. ]

Not that I managed many pictures of the big rocks without cats standing on em, but here’s  my bootprint in the snow. Manitobah Mukluks leave EXCELLENT prints.

It wound up not being a lake day, on account of the lake being closed by the time we got there, but I feel that ‘large field with some trees & also big rocks day’ is also acceptable.


[ Large field, some trees, more trees in the background, blue sky. Big rocks not visible, due to I was standing on them. ]

I felt the call of the Hum! (If you have no idea what I’m on about, please look up the Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland, which will explain everything.)


[ In the distance, the highway; above, light clouds over blue sky; below, a broad field of low scrubby bushes. Arcing over it all, power lines run to the horizon. ]

Lichens in sunlight, for Radical Honey!


[ Larger clumps of two kind of lichen cling to a red-grey rock — one kind is green-grey & flaky, the other is more yellow-green & mossy. ]

Lichens in shade!


[ Splotches of green-grey, flaky lichen cling to a dark grey weathered rock. ]

Deer tracks!


[ A pair of delicate, cloven-hooved tracks sunk into soft, dusty grey dirt. ]

Lastly, a very old, very rusty washbasin!


[ It’s turned face-down in the dirt. It’s probably six inches deep & a bit more than a foot across on the bottom, & slopes wider towards the rim. It’s also dented all to hell. ]

I didn’t move it, though — somebody probably lives in there!

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