big rocks day, part the first

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, seen quite close up; he’s ignoring the camera to give me some pretty pointed side-eye. ]

Woke up with Loiosh doing this so CLEARLY I was gonna hafta get him out of the house some. Y’all, he is A LOT when he’s bored, & he gets bored WAY too easily.

I’d planned on a lake day, but getting out of the house at the early hour of almost 3pm meant the lake was gonna be closed by the time we got there, so instead I found us a nice field on the side of the road, complete with a lot of big rocks, some trees, part of the Deer Road (like the Reindeer Road, but not in Scandihoovia), & a set of power lines. & we set off to explore.

Loiosh, being Loiosh, went up trees.


[ Loiosh is wearing his green harness now. He’s also up a juniper tree, standing with his forepaws on a slanted part of the trunk & his hindpaws on two other branches, gazing majestically off to the right. ]

… what?


[ He’s turned his head & is looking right into the camera like he’s on The Office. ]

Tom, being Tom, practiced his murder strut


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a black harness with a purple chest piece, walks towards the camera, one forepaw up to take a step, eyes intent. ]

& hung out in low spots.

Hey, Tom! Look up! C’mon, look up! Tom! Tom! Tom!

… argh.


[ Looking down on Tom from above. My boot takes up the right side of the shot; maybe six feet below, Tom’s sitting, looking steadfastly anywhere but up at the camera. ]

Loiosh, being Loiosh, found a juniper to sniff.


[ Loiosh has both forepaws placed delicately on a rock, & about half of his head shoved into juniper foliage, which, apparently, smells REALLY COOL. ]

… what?


[ His nose is still going but he’s turned his head just enough to give me EXCELLENT side-eye. ]

Bonus juniper-snorting video!

[ Loiosh starts the video with his head pulled away from the juniper foliage, his mouth hanging open to make the ‘smellin face’. He sticks his face back in the juniper to sniff more, turns away again, sniffs again for a couple seconds, & then walks away, behind the juniper branch. Sound: faint passing traffic & a bit of wind. ]

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