small beauties, gnome edition

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[ A couple clumps of short fluffy grey-green moss, on a rock. ]

Moss! For all my gnomes!

Further bastions of gnomehood: a mushroom & lichen


[ A small gold-yellow & white shelf mushroom, maybe an inch across, sticks out of a fallen branch; beside it, a clump of pale green leafy lichen. ]

I don’t know what’s going on at the base of these pine needles, but a friend suggested it might be a virus. Looks cool though.


[ My hand holding the tip of a pinyon branch; four of the needles, all growing out of the same spot, are bright red at the base. ]



[ It’s maybe four inches across, & not a split hoof, so probably a horse. ]

I’m really impressed with how neatly this rock broke, & apparently so was some species of small burrowing creature.


[ It’s a mostly-white rock, maybe three inches across & six wide; it’s broken neatly in half, the short way, in a straight line. The edges are perhaps an inch apart, & a critter hole is dug between them & underneath. ]

Woodpecker holes!


[ Holes in a variety of sizes, drilled into the bark of a pinyon tree. )

& lastly, the inside of a sheet of piñon bark that somehow peeled off in one piece.


[ It’s flat & grey & very gently lumpy & there are cracks in it but only small ones. ]

A very gnomely set of things, indeed!

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