small beauties & a warm day

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[ A view from a height, over a broad plain covered in low brown grass. The lake peeks out from behind a bit of a hill to the right, & beyond it are higher rolling hills capped with sparse evergreens. ]

I haven’t been able to get the boys out very often, between the Giftmas rush & the cold, but last Wednesday it got up into the 60s, & I stuffed the lot of us into the van & headed for the lake.

It was warm … in the sun, anyway.


[ A tiny patch of snow, maybe three inches across, sits in a shady spot. ]

But there was plenty of sun. I didn’t even bring any jewelry stuff, just wandered around the woods with the boys, finding cool things to take pictures of.

I’ve found crayfish claws around the lake before, but this one was particularly big.


[ It’s, like, three inches long, & bleached mostly white. ]

We were pretty far above the water, so I didn’t think they weren’t getting up there on their own, & then I found someone’s favourite crayfish-eatin spot.


[ Five crayfish claws of varying sizes lay on the ground, along with a lot of pine needles & some rocks. ]

Also, a rock.


[ A low boulder, maybe a foot high & five feet across, grey and weathered, with grey-green lichen covering it in places. ]

& a rock!


[ A flattish slab of pale orange sandstone, perhaps five or six inches across; it’s been worn so that ripples follow the edge, & there are small chunks of white quartz embedded in it. ]

Someone strung a hoop over this branch … kind of a while ago.


[ A rusted steel hoop, made from a strip of iron perhaps an inch wide riveted into a circle, & maybe two feet across, is draped over a tree branch, which has long since grown enough that there’s no way to get the hoop back off without cutting something. ]

& I found this pretty amusing. I’m sure there’s a story behind it, & I’m equally sure I’ll never know what it was.


[ A tree trunk about a foot and a half across. A wedge has been cut out of it, most of the way through, but the tree still stands. A brown glass beer bottle is wedged into the gap, as if it’s holding up the tree. Who knows, maybe it is. ]

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