in which some cats are Up Cats, some cats are Down Cats

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a black harness, is occupied with digging a trench in pine-needle-laden soil. It’s about as long as his body, & yes, he flopped into it as soon as he was done digging. ]

Major Tom is distinctly a Down Cat.

Loiosh, it should surprise nobody to learn, is an Up Cat.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is perched up a pinyon tree, tucked neatly into a fork in the trunk. ]

Although Up Cats do look down


[ Loiosh is standing in the fork in the trunk, looking down, no doubt gathering the nerve to jump. ]

& frequently Down Cats must look up.


[ Tom’s standing behind a low pile of cut logs. Another cut treetrunk sits at an angle above, framing him nicely. He’s looking at the camera through the gap. ]

But the point remains that Tom is often observed heading for a nice low spot to occupy


[ Tom’s walking down a slope of red dirt & pebbles, & is about to step into a ditch, where he will presumably flop again. ]

while Loiosh frequently finds a precarious perch up a tree.


[ Loiosh is hugging the treetrunk with his forepaws; his hindpaws are braced against a spot further down, toes spread wide & all his claws dug in. ]

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