A success!

[ Two cats in a comfy spot: Major Tom, a grey tabby, is laying in a plush cat bed that sits on a metal shelf a couple inches off the floor, & Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up in a round blue cat bed tucked into the bottom of a wicker footstool. ]

… kind of a success. Tom will nap in the cat cave. Neither of them will use the green cat bed I repainted (to be fair, it probably still smells like paint to them). Loiosh has stuck with his double decker cat bed.

But hey, the bottom shelf of the baker’s rack is, intermittently, being used.

Tom would like to know WHY do I gotta be like this with the camera.

[ Major Tom in his cat cave. His chin is resting on the edge of the cave entrance & he’s staring off into space. ]

Loiosh is ready to vogue, as long as it doesn’t mean he has to stand up.

[ Loiosh is looking right into the camera, ears perked forward. ]

Tom is so patient.

[ Tom’s laying on a pile of brightly colored blankets on the bed, looking pointedly off to the right of the camera. ]

& Loiosh is such a ham.

[ Loiosh looks into the camera from pretty close up. I think this counts as a blue steel. ]

But sometimes I manage to catch Tom with his hair down. So to speak.

[ Tom is sprawled on his side on the carpet, stretched out, one forepaw blurred with motion as it curls up. ]

Lookit his paws goin!

[ He’s looking up at the camera, head slightly blurry, but that paw is perfectly clear: he’s air-kneading. ]

One of these years I’ll get good video of the rolling & the belleh, but today is not that day.

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