a mighty flopping

[ Major Tom, a large grey tabby, is flopped on his side on a light tan carpet. One forepaw is tucked up against his chest, & the other one is stretched out. ]

I managed to get pictures of Tom doing his Very Appealing Flop! Missed the rolling part, but we’ll get there.

Lookit his TOES going.

[ They’re not going yet. Both forepaws are extended out in front of him, one further than the other, but both are relaxed. ]

… wait for it …


[ Both forepaws are curled in, claws showing on one; he’s so happy he’s kneading. ]

He demands tribute of Love.

[ Tom’s got his head on the floor, slightly turned up; the angle makes it look like he’s smiling. My fingers appear, gently scritching the top of his head. ]

… mostly by shoving his massive head into my hand & making faces.

[ He’s looking up in this one, one eye squinched shut, one open just a bit; my hand is trapped under his head. His one visible ear is sticking out at a festive angle. ]

He’s a happy boy.

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