some woods tho

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is crouched down on the ground, nose almost in a critter hole in the ground in front of him. ]

After I packed up for the day, we drove down to the end of the lake; there’s a stand of aspens there & I wanted to explore.

To my crankitude. most of them are behind a fence, but there was a small patch of woods, in which Loiosh found a critter hole.

Tom was very relieved to be under cover, though the crackling of the leaves startled him several times.

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a black & purple harness, stands in a drift of fallen aspen leaves, looking around him with intent eyes. ]

Loiosh just blended the hell in.

[ Loiosh is basically the same colour as the fallen leaves & it’s really kind of uncanny. The white splotch on his chest stands out, though. ]

Upon returning to the van — which took some doing, it was getting dark & neither of them wanted to stop for the day — Loiosh got a wild hair & went up a tree.

[ Loiosh is perched in a juniper tree, the last light of the sun shining on his fur. ]

Tom, in the meantime, was finally urged back to the safety of the van by the presence of … cows. About whom more later.

[ Tom, caught mid-gallop towards the van, ears stuck out to the sides in dismay. ]

He was NOT okay with the cows.

[ He’s stopped, & is looking off to the right, eyeing the cows warily. ]

In the meantime, Loiosh was still being photogenic. Also, refusing to come out of the tree. I eventually hadda shake the treats.

[ Another picture of Loiosh in the tree, with a nice clump of ripe juniper berries in the foreground. ]

… look, guys, I’ve got good night vision for a human but that does NOT mean I’m gonna go blundering through the woods with you in the new-moon dark. Cope.

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