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it’s naptime

A wide shot of the living room, which is cluttered with a bunch of stuff, but the important part is the cats -- Loiosh is curled up aslee in a blue cat bed, Tom's flopped in a big pink basket in the window, & Hades is meatloafed on a wooden trunk.

Inoru got this lovely pic of everyone (except Inoru) in the middle of naptime.

Hades is an expert napper with over a decade of experience.

Hades, a longhaired black cat, is curled up in a tan cat basket. He's halfway on his back, with half his paws sticking out.

Tom’s catching up on practice, though. He’s totally claimed the baby basket as his own.

Tom, a grey tabby, is meatloafed in a woven baby basket that's sitting next to the window. His eyes are squinched shut but his ears are alert.

He really likes tucking himself into the covered end. Apparently this style of baby basket is called a Moses basket’ although the thing would sink in a heartbeat.

Now he's curled up in the end of the basket, under the little shade bit that goes over the baby's head. His eyes are mostly closed.

… what?

And now he's staring into the camera like he's on The Office.