Estrella: Lots of Estrella!

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I promise Tyrava didn’t look like that inside all week.

I took WAY more pictures at Estrella itself than I usually manage, but this is still sort of random. I did NOT ever get pictures of Tyrava’s setup once I got everything arranged, alas. Although here’s one picture of the inside, on a cold night.

Me, a white person, in bed, covers tucked up under my chin. A longhaired black cat is sleeping on the pillow next to me, head shoved up against the side of my face, & next to him, a shorthaired orange tabby is curled up against my arm.

Tom was under the covers & tucked up next to my hip, so basically I couldn’t move At All. But we were all warm!

Hades & Loiosh both spent a lot of time in the booth, but somehow I kept just getting Hades pictures. He spent a LOT of the week on the top bunk of the cat bed. So did Loiosh. Neither of them used the bottom bunk, because they’re picky. Or possibly leaving it for Major Tom, but let’s be real, they’re cats.

Hades is curled up in a cat bed atop a round wicker foot rest. Another cat bed is tucked inside the base. Behind Hades is a wall hanging made from mostly-blue batik fabric with leaves in purple & yellow.

I also had a lot of Lap Hades.

A closeup of the back of Hades' head. Beyond is the far side of the booth.

Tom came out of Tyrava pretty rarely, though he ventured out once or twice & did let a few people pet him. He decided he really likes the neighbor’s kid, though — late in the week he started sitting on her lap. Brave boy!

No pictures of that, alas, because I was usually supervising, or occasionally squawking cos I was SO PROUD of him.

Gifts from a friend. Yes, this is two entire-ass canvas wedge tents. At least that’s what they are now — eventually they’ll be the awning & walls for the booth.

Two large lumps of pale tan canvas, one in a canvas bag, the other stuffed into a black trash bag. Y'all, that's a LOT of canvas.

I kinda love this one. She’s a customer I see every year or two, but she hasn’t bought lip balm in a while — & when I say ‘a while’ I mean I haven’t used those labels since I was living with my mom back in 2012 or so. I’m just glad she remembered which scent it was.

A white lady with curly blond hair, wire-rimmed glasses, & a really glorious smile, holding up a tube of lip balm that has the barest remains of a brown label. This thing has been through a LOT.

Friday it started raining, which was precisely NOT what those of us who were there last year wanted to see. It wasn’t bad at first!

The view out the front of the booth. To the right is another trailer booth, this one with weathered wooden walls. A row of canvas tents line the left side of the road. The sky is grey & there are a few small puddles on the ground.

& it never got too bad — not compared to last year — but it still wasn’t anything you’d call fun. I am VERY glad I saved up for good mud boots.

A view from the same spot. Much of the road is covered in at least a bit of standing water, with larger puddles scattered around. Many of the booths now have straw laid out in front in an attempt to sop up the worst of the water. There are maybe two people shopping, because after last year we are all KINDA DONE WITH IT.

It cleared up Saturday afternoon, & by teardown time things were mostly more-or-less not terrible. & it was a lot easier to stay warm!

Me, out of bed this time. I'm sitting in the booth, up against the quilt decorating the back wall. I'm wearing a blue dress & a nice warm fuzzy hat.wearing a blue dress

It was a good war, me & the boys all had a good time, Tom did VERY well at his first event, & Tyrava made everything SO MUCH easier.

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