Estrella Day 3: Setting up!

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My first view of Estrella! Cos I got there before merchant check in opened, & then it got put off another half hour or so because the poor merchant coordinator had to rearrange some booths last minute. You could not PAY me to do that job.

But we got in soon enough, & then it was time to Set Up the Things.

This is the only pic I took during setup itself, because I was … setting up. But I wanted to show off my spot. I was cranky about being right next to the portacastles for approximately point 3 seconds until I remembered that I have a hand washing station.

Also check out how good Tyrava looks! (With bonus Hades off to the right beside the van. Later that day he climbed into the neighbor’s car & fell asleep.)

To the right, the van, back doors open & ready to unload; in the center, Tyrava, my tiny-house-away-from-home; to the left, a portajohn.

& presenting — the completed booth! It’s an ez-up, but at least it’s a decorated ez-up?

(I’m honestly really happy with how it came out, but I am ALSO really looking forward to being able to put up the booth I have in planning.)

(See also: bonus Hades on the cat bed in the back of the booth.)

Tyrava's to the left, front door open; to the right is a white ez-up, with a Vagabond Tabby banner at the front.

Booth closeup, in which I am very pleased about how the new rug & the hanging on the back wall really dress things up:

Red, white, & blue banners (but not American flags) fly on either side of the booth. Within, a crazy quilt in blues & purples covers the back wall. A table stands along each side wall, each filled with treasures.

Right side (I believe Hades was having a wash):

The table is covered with a white tablecloth, over with lays a purple table runner; three shelves sit atop it, each with smaller display boxes. On the top shelf is a jewelry display rack with a variety of jewelry far too small to see from here.

Left side, complete with pretty wall-dangly-fabric-scraps-thing:

This table has at the front a hand washing station consisting of a pottery jug, metal bowl, two bars of soap, & a sign that says 'wash ya hands'. Behind it are two shelves bearing a bunch of soap.

All ready to go!

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