trading them all in for HAMSTERS

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…no I’m not, but WOW was I tempted.

I still love the lil shits though. I mean. LOOK at this face.

A closeup on Loiosh's face. He's looking off to the left. He's got orange stripes coming from the corner of his eye, & white & black whiskers.

My sweet boy.

Another closeup. He's facing the other way. His eyes are green, & there's a little black spot at the inner corner of his right eye.

Squinty blinky eyes.

In profile this time. His eye is closed, but his whiskers are forward.

Also a snuggleup tomcat. Still can’t believe he’s gotten so comfortable with me.

Major Tom, a grey tabbycat, laying on his left side facing the camera. His paws are tucked un in front of him in the MOST adorable way & his eyes are peacefully closed.

Just after I took this picture I rubbed his belly. He stoically accepted this behaviour.

… nah. He loves it.

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