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Loiosh & Hades, recreating a pose that Loiosh did with Chocolate once upon a time …

Loiosh & Chocolate, a shorthaired bkacl cat, in basically the same pose, though both of them have a paw draped over the other.

Tom isn’t much given to snuggles, although he’s getting there. He’s great at keeping my feet warm, though.

Tom laying on the couch, gazing off to the right.

& he’s gotten a LOT more relaxed about me wriggling my toes.

Tom's in the same spot, but he's got his paws stretched out in front of him & his head is resting on them. His eyes are closed.

Loiosh, pensive.

A pretty close view of Loiosh, in profile, gazing off to the left & down.

Eventually they just accrete.

The view from one end of the couch to the other. It's mostly occupied by cats. There's a lump off to the right. That's my leg.

My camera focuses pretty well up close.

A pretty close view of Tom's face, in which his eyes are visible, but it's mostly nose & whiskers.

This was the only part of Loiosh I could get to with the camera.

It's just Loiosh's ear. It's lit from the back & faintly pink inside.

Hades is good at looking magnificent.

He really is, but the picture doesn't show that he'd just put his tongue away.

I have the best boys.

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