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As the weather gets yuckier it’s harder to find times to take the boy out. Last week I brought him shopping with me, & we stopped to wander a bit at the truck stop.

(We also went to the hardware store, where he got to ride around in the stroller, but as usual I forgot to get any pics of him there.)

It was a really beautiful day.

A spreading deciduous tree, most of whose leaves have turned brown, against a vividly blue sky.

Many of the junipers had white berries, which I’m not used to seeing.

A closeup of a juniper tree, with green needles & white berries.

Large borb fren!

A rather large raven sitting on a branch.

Large borb fren smarted off a lot. I smarted off back. We get along fine.

Loiosh had fun wandering around & ignoring large borb fren.

In the background, two trees against a deep blue sky; up front, Loiosh walks towards the viewer, tail just beginning to rise.

It’s gonna snow this week, so probably next week’s pics will all be of cats curled up in tiny balls.

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