y’all it’s a WALL

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i have been VERY REMISS but i am catching up on posting the last couple weeks’ work TODAY

here is the back wall, you can see that it is done up to where the roof arch will begin, yes that is a large window, I am solar-powered

Right side, with boards attached except for a doorframe & three spaces for windows.

here is the right side wall, which is Very Complex but is now Done, there will be a door there in a time that is, i hope, Soon

This wall is still mostly just framed out but there are short lengths of board fastened up the left side.

here is the back wall, very little of it is done because that is the last bits of all the boards I stole from the abandoned house, also you can kinda see how the door will be Fancy

I could still do a How To Do Tongue & Groove Boards post if y’all want but seriously it is cut to length, squidge it onto the board under it in a manner which occasionally requires a hammer, screw it the hell down

Long wall, with just three boards along the bottom so far.

left wall, on which I used the last of the long pieces I had left, there will be one window in this wall

thus you can see that there were enough ABANDONED BOARDS to do SLIGHTLY MORE THAN HALF of the house which, let me TELL you, is SO AWESOME

The front door frame, seen from inside. It's now arched at the top, & the bent plywood that makes the arch shape is braced by 2x4 boards set at a diagonal above it.

fancy arched doorframe, this was way easier than i was worried it’d be

Doorframe at a Dramatic Angle, now with the shape of the arch covered in white tyvek tape, which is, hypothetically, good at keeping water out.

fancy arched doorframe now with housewrap & tyvek tape to keep the water outside, or at least that’s the theory

i have started on the roof arches & i will post about those NEXT

but first i am taking a DAMN NAP

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