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2019 09 153

I love it when he uses his paw to hold his tail still so he can wash it. He is SO handsy with his paws.

My roommates are home this week & Rowan took a bunch of pictures of Loiosh being ridiculous. Which is basically all the time, but they don’t get to see it as often as I do. They caught some REALLY great expressions though.

I mean, look at this boy.

A closeup of Loiosh's face. He's looking off to the left of the camera, & one of his ears is about halfway back. He looks like a goof.

Just LOOK. At that FACE.

He's looking off to the right in this one, & both of his ears are sticking out at interesting angles.

Epic side-eye.

He's facing off to the left again, both of his ears are pretty much back, & the side-eye is, in fact, epic.

Sometimes it’s fun getting to see my boy through someone else’s eyes.

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