cats: random cat picture roundup

2024 04 29 15.52.06

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is meatloafed in a box on a maroon and black sarong wrapped around a pillow. His forepaws are tucked in but his ears are canted firmly forward. ]

That’s from before I gave up trying to keep the sarong wrapped around anything & instead shoved the pillow & the heating pad into a spare pillowcase. The heating pad is still on; I keep vaguely considering turning it off, but then there’s Loiosh happily curled up on it, so it stays on. He’s an old man, he needs his warms. (& the back of my head shouts HE IS A TINY TINY KITTEN)

He’s still enjoying the bed that lives on the shelf where his gooshyfud used to be, too. Apparently the gooshyfud is staying where it is, which is fine, it’s easier getting stuff off the higher shelf anyways. Intermittently, when he’s curled up there, the leggy must stick out Real Far, but it’s especially amusing when the sun’s in the right spot.

2024 04 17 18.50.28

[ The purple shelves, seen from the side. In the background is a massive pile of blankets on my comfy chair. Loiosh’s bed can just be seen on the shelf, but the only part of Loiosh visible is is left hindleg, which is stuck out into the air. The sun’s hitting it squarely; his paw is brilliantly lit, and most of the rest of his leg has a halo of sunlit fur surrounding it. ]

In other news, Tom has continued to not allow me to use my comfy chair without his presence. These days he’s mostly on the footrest, but occasionally it’s still cool enough for snuggles.

2024 04 06 01.19.48

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is curled up in my lap. The shot is brightly lit, from the left, so that Tom’s beautiful ticked fur is nicely visible but the background is dark. ]

(see, this way you can’t see how much of a mess my room is)

Tom is such a cuddlebug these days & I love it. He’s often right next to me on the bed, & occasionally he flops over one of my legs. & he doesn’t even pretend he’s cold, anymore, when he wants under the covers; he just pokes me in the face & then glares until I let him under.

I don’t know what THIS face was about, though.

2024 03 28 18.51.33

[ It’s Tom’s turn in the warmy spot, though he’s laying on a blue, green and purple crocheted thing that was on top of the heating pad. His face is kinda squinched up funny on one side. ]

I think he might have been just about to sneeze? Or opinionating on me needing to take a picture of him. Idk, it’s been a hot minute.

Last pic!

2024 05 08 15.31.47

[ Loiosh, now wearing his green harness, is flopped in a shallow cardboard box, next to a hunk of slightly-chewed styrofoam about the same size as him. All of this is on top of a metal dog crate in the back of the van. ]

I was getting the van into gear when Loiosh climbed my chest, went over my shoulder, & wound up in this box, in which he happily stayed for, like, half an hour, until we got home. For all he’s often a catdog, he does love a good box.

… of course, around here, so does the dog. It’s like this.

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