cats: a boy on the road

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is flopped on my bed, one forepaw hanging over the edge, head tilted. One ear is perked forward, one is stuck off to the side. ]

… okay that’s from before we left, but, well.

Couple weeks back I hadda drive Jasper & Remy to the airport; since it was gonna be an overnight trip, I brought the boy as well. He was NOT thrilled to have Remy along, but he coped okay.

There was a lot of glaring, though. A LOT.

2023-05-25 17.57.57

[ Loiosh is standing on the center console of the van, looking back over his shoulder. He’s wearing his bow tie. His ears are perked forward, alert, but his whiskers are tucked back a bit. ]

Eventually Jasper & Remy moved to flop in the back of the van, since Remy apparently just does NOT fit in the front footwell any more, & that meant Loiosh could at least have the front seat, as is right & proper. (Also I could put my pillow there, so Remy didn’t eat it, or drool on it, or otherwise Be A Dog upon my pillow.)

2023-05-25 18.09.26

[ Loiosh is sitting on the front seat, on a pillow in a red & black plaid cover, staring fixedly out the side window. His fur is pretty disheveled, one shoulderblade is higher than the other, and overall he just looks like everything is a whole lot. ]

I have no recollection what he was glaring it, but whatever it was, it obviously DESERVED the glaring.

He did eventually flop, & had a nice nap on the pillow. Once we were done the Necessary Errands we settled in our usual spot near Monument for half the night; Jasper & Remy on one patch of the van floor, & me on another. Loiosh walked RIGHT past Remy to cuddle up to me, & that was really nice. Not that I slept at all, but, welp.

He was a LOT happier once I’d dropped them off, though. Happy enough to … attempt to shred my passenger seat, again, yay, THANK

2023-05-25 18.11.53

[ Loiosh is up on his hindlegs, one forepaw up on the seat, the other in the process of sliding down off of it. He is giving me side-eye and was definitely not just sharpening his claws on my van again. ]

TBH that fabric is EXTREMELY sturdy & I need some to make cat scratchers out of. Also to replace the upholstery on my desk chair, this stuff was NOT designed to deal with cats.

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