cats: the cuddliest of boys

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is laying on a red and black plaid pillow, facing to the left, forepaws out in front of him but head down. ]

Loiosh has become inordinately fond of my pillow lately, & will often be found occupying large portions of it, though only when I’m actually in bed & can be thus discommoded.

… that’s fair. He’s a cat, that’s his job. & it’s nice to have him close, to be able to feel his breathing, hear his heartbeat.

Annoy him until he finally turns his head just a bit.

2023-03-29 12.09.32

[ A closer view; Loiosh has indeed turned his head towards the camera, though not by much. Both ears are stuck out to the sides in annoyance, and his eyes are just barely open. ]

Of course he gets his vengeance.

2023-03-29 09.20.57

[ My hand is laid, palm up, on the pillow, Loiosh is curled up small, head nestled in the palm of my hand, both forepaws tucked up close in front of himself, tail curled around so its tip brushes his cheek. His eyes are just the tiniest bit open. ]

But. I mean. Who could be upset by such cuddles as these.

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