SPOON: making room


[To the left, a big passenger van, slightly beat up, pale tan or grey, depending on the light. To the right, Tyrava, a smallish tiny house or largish vardo, painted lavender with dark purple trim.]

So what with one thing & another … we haven’t gotten a lot done, even now that we’re on the land. Space is tight, the wind is terrible, & we’re putting a lot of work into simply surviving from one minute to the next, waiting til the container shows up so that we have some ROOM.

But it’s taking longer than they’d said it would — 7-10 days is NOT the same as ‘up to 25 business days’, y’all — & I got to the point where I realized I was gonna hafta make more room in Tyrava. I did an accountability thread on twitter as I worked, & basically I’m just gonna copy that over here.

Here’s where we’re starting (referring to the above pic). Me & Jasper are basically living in the van. Morgyn’s car isn’t there but it’s a station wagon-SUV, not big.

Tyrava was FULL when we finally got her onto the land, but traveling-full, not usable-full, & we did manage to get her rearranged enough to be able to pack orders & sit down. But there still isn’t MUCH room, & with the container due (so we thought) this week, it didn’t make sense to shove things around more when we were just gonna be taking most of it out in a day or two.


[Tyrava’s insides are capacious, and there is a bit of room on the floor, but the bed platform is piled high, and the mess continues down to occupy a good portion of the floor, too. Her walls are lined with shelves, which mostly hold soap and other business stock. In the corner right in front of the bed platform is a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid; next to that is a cut-open box of kitty litter. Loiosh’s hinder parts can be seen sticking out from behind some of the mess.]

& I mean. It still might show up tomorrow! It might take a couple weeks! Who knows! Certainly not us! & y’all I can only go on like that for so long.

I’ve done a bit of straightening already, bagged a buncha trash, shoved some boxes into places. Doesn’t look like much, but little steps.


[The lavatory corner now holds fewer boxes and more trash bags.]

& now I’m taking a break to post & finish up a couple food items so the containers can get dealt with. Look, sometimes they’re REALLY little steps.

finishing a half-bag of Funyons just so I can shove the bag in the trash DOES TOO COUNT *finishes bag of Funions* *shoves bag in the trash*

break time again! got a bunch done, might wind up with more space than I thought? but at the very least there should be enough space for sleeping & also to get most of the crap out of the van.


[About a quarter of the bed platform is now piled almost to the ceiling with boxes, but neatly; a small section, in front, is actually clear.]

also I found one of Loiosh’s nip toys & he is pleased


[Loiosh is half-curled on a folding chair, head bent over a crocheted green catnip toy. His tongue is stuck most of the way out and he is licking the toy vigorously.]


[Loiosh has looked up from his toy, almost at the camera, with a clear ‘what’ expression]

anyway brb eating the last chocolate chip muffin so I can chuck THAT box

all right, back to it

was just about to take another break but then Morgyn showed up with energy to help so we got it more-or-less done


[The right half of the bed platform is stacked up to the ceiling; the left side is nearly empty, except for one stack of boxes towards the back and a couple big fabric laundry bags.]

the two bags on the left are laundry, gonna get that done tomorrow, & out of sight left of those are my clothing shelves, things will be ORGANIZED


[Most of the floor is covered in nothing more than carpet! There’s a few small things in the way, a folding chair, a trash bag, the commode, but mostly? FLOOR SPACE.]

also a VERY HAPPY boycat


[Loiosh is curled up asleep in a cat bed on a shelf in Tyrava.]

It wound up being not QUITE as much room as I’d hoped, but then when does THAT ever happen? I’m sleeping in Tyrava these days, at least, & it’s so much more comfortable for me than the van. Little steps; little steps.

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