cats: also alpacas edition


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is sitting in a blue cat stroller. He’s facing a curious alpaca, who’s white with the loveliest dark eyes. The alpaca is leaning forward curiously; Loiosh is ducking back just a bit. ]

Loiosh got to meet alpacas. He was … not sure about this.

It was a busy couple days at Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, getting all the alpacas in to be sheared, keeping everyone fed through the process (INCLUDING the alpacas, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, dogs, & even the terrible roosters), topping up the water butts as needed, fixing the collapsing section of the deck … there was a LOT going on. I’m glad I had time to get Loiosh out of Tyrava for a bit every day, cos he needed people time SO MUCH.

… he didn’t feel he needed alpaca time, but I beg to differ.


[ Loiosh has laid down in his stroller. He’s looking pensive, but mostly I think he was annoyed. ]

He really, really enjoyed having people to hang out with again. He spent most of the afternoon every day making friends in the shade under the big top, then hanging out in his stroller making blinky eyes at everyone & everything. Including the dogs.

Even the alpacas. A little bit.


[ Loiosh is standing at the front of his stroller, ears perked forward, looking at the alpaca. The alpaca has stuck her muzzle through a gap in the fence, trying to sniff noses with Loiosh. ]

Most of the time I was working with the alpacas was spent scrambling around on the floor of the shearing barn, scooping up wool & stuffing it into various bags, depending on what grade wool it was. I know a LOT more about alpaca wool than I did before! I worked harder than I have at any SCA event in a LONG time, but it really did feel like a small local event, just with more ruminants & different weird clothing.

I feel like more SCA events should have alpacas at them.


[ The alpaca’s shoved her head further through the gap in the fence. She’s got LONG teeth that really do kinda look like fangs, but they’re stained faintly green from eating grass and hay. Loiosh isn’t so sanguine about all this, though, and is leaning back a bit in the stroller. ]

… probably Loiosh doesn’t agree, though.

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