cats: Fountain Creek part two


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a black harness, stands next to the trunk of a huge cottonwood tree; he’s sniffing curiously at something in the bark. ]

Having (mostly) dried off from my creek adventures & wrangled Loiosh back into the van, I consulted Jasper for his opinions of how to spend the rest of the day. Turns out he hadn’t slept well on the train (as who WOULD have) so I drove us to Fountain Creek Park, near the fishing ponds, & parked there for the rest of the afternoon.

Mostly there was napping, but Tom was a wigglebutt & had a lot of fun wandering.

He decided that Jasper was okay REALLY quickly. He’s getting SO much better at dealing with new folks.


[ Seen from above, Tom’s standing next to a pair of legs clad in jeans and black boots. He might be leaning against them just a bit. ]

He got to climb on rocks, & also make me worry that he was going to fall in Fountain Creek, cos he’s a butthead.


[ Tom’s standing on a rock, back to the camera, looking off to the left. More rocks make a slope up to his right. ]

There was even some Dramatical Posing on a cottonwood log, or at least an attempt at it.


[ Tom’s standing on a big section of a cottonwood trunk. The bark is thick and covered in deep crevices. Tom’s in an odd pose, standing almost foursquare but with one hindleg cocked off behind him ]

Plus, he got to eat grass. Because he’s part cow.


[ Not only is Tom eating grass, he’s got his tongue stuck out to do it, and he looks like an entire dork. ]

All photos courtesy of Jasper, who actually had his camera on him, the which, at that point, I did not, being thoroughly occupied with Tom.

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