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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is sitting on an old door with green spraypaint applied to it in a random manner. The ground under it is covered in snow. Tom has his eyes mostly closed & is visibly Very Pleased about something. ]

Dramatical Posing!

More Dramatical Posing!


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is standing on a rock, body facing the camera but head turned to look to the left. It would probably be a better Dramatical Pose if he weren’t also sitting under a folding table. ]

Dramatical Posing fail! But he’s adorable.


[ Tom’s walking toward me, still on the pallet he was posing on before I picked up the camera, but he’s clearly far more interested in love than photography. His eyes are yellow, his nose is pink. and his head is MASSIVE. ]

A tiny tree! I don’t think it actually is but it’s smol & adorable.


[ It does look kinda like a tiny evergreen tree, maybe eight inches tall with tiny spiky needles sticking out. There’s snow all around it and a pallet right next to it. ]



[ Loiosh is sniffing at a pinyon branch in a casual sort of way. ]



[ His ears are tilted back, his whiskers are perked, and he looks far more interested in the branch now. ]



[ And now he’s basically stuck his nose right into the pinyon needles, which apparently smell like SOMETHING awesome. ]

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