woods day, or rather, lake day

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[ The lakeshore: a narrow channel of water with muddy banks. Behind that is a low hill crowned with pines. ]

It was a bit chilly to want to be under trees, so instead I took the boys down to the lake for the afternoon.

Tom … was not really comfortable with that much water.

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a black harness with a purple chest piece, looks out the drivers side van window with wary eyes. ]

He stayed in the van most of the day, though he did come on a walk with me just before we left. He made sure not to LIKE it though.

I got a lot of work done, although I was Rudely Interrupted several times by the presence of Horses. (Mostly what was rude is that my camera wouldn’t get good pictures of them, AUGH — but here they are anyway.)

Horses on the other side of the lake! But what is that off to the right?

[ The picture is blurry with distance, but there are three horses on the far side of the lake — two brown & one grey — & a tan horse wading across the lake. ]

There is a horse IN the lake!

[ His mane & tail & hocks are darker than the rest of him. He’s most of the way across, but the water is still up to his knees. ]

He didn’t even bother shaking the water off when he got across, just stood there like ‘yeah I’ve got a fur coat, what about it’.

[ He’s just stepping out onto the land, dripping water vigorously. ]

Tom was NOT OKAY with this. He’s been perfectly comfortable sharing the yard with horses before, but we weren’t at home, & the lake exists, & it was all Just Too Much.

[ A view under the van bed, which is cluttered with a variety of boxes. Behind all the boxes is Tom, but all that’s visible are his eyes, which are WIDE. ]


[ Zoomed in a little bit! Tom says NO. ]

Even Loiosh decided on the better part of valor.

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, stands in the van, near the door, but looking VERY warily outside. ]

Eventually the sun got low & my fingers got chilly & it got time to stop. Also, the light did this.

[ It’s more-or-less the same as the first picture, with the lake & the hills beyond, but it’s the golden hour & the light is just GORGEOUS. ]

We went for a walk, during which Loiosh demonstrated to Tom that lakes are not scary.

[ Loiosh is standing on a rock that’s actually got water all the way around it, if only a little bit. There’s another rock a foot or so away that’s on the shore. ]

See? Just a lil mud between the toes.

[ Loiosh is poised on the same rock, ready to jump to the one that’s on shore, eyes intent. ]

Done now!

[ He’s landing on the second rock, one hindpaw still in the air. ]

Found a crayfish claw & took a picture for Ursula.

[ A crayfish claw, bleached white by the sun, lays on the sand. ]

Time to go home!

[ Loiosh walks along the muddy lakeshore, mud between his toes & determination in his eyes. ]

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